Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Scammers Who

Seems the suspicion I mentioned a couple posts below is correct. This Cambridge Who's Who outfit collects names and phone numbers so it can call people and give them a high pressure sales pitch. The letter I got says "there is no cost to be included" but Cambridge would prefer that you pay $600 or more for the privilege.

It finds its candidates for this exclusive honor by buying magazine subscription lists. (Thanks Esquire. Was that your parting gift to me for not renewing?)

This link details one person who also got the exciting invitation to participate in a scam.

Click on this link then scroll down to read the comments of others who got the Cambridge Who's Who experience.

And, finally, This link goes to the company's record with the local Better Business Bureau in its home area of Uniondale, New York. (Hint: It's not good!)

Remember, kids, it's not paranoia if everyone really is out to get you.

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