Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What Kind of Car Should I Get?

Since someone crashed into mine today. Figures I'd get into an accident. I was trying to eat lunch. In our office's conference room. I was taking my first bites out of a turkey and cheese sandwich when a woman who works in the mail room came into our office and asked if anyone had a tan car. Nope. I'm good. Now let me eat. But the woman persisted. "Where did you park?" I was safe. Our office is near a side door but I had parked around front. "Near the hair salon?" Actually, no. The hair salon is on the other side of the parking lot, separated from ours by those concrete things that sit at the heads of parking spaces. Why do you want to know anyway?

Someone has jumped those concrete things that sit at the heads of parking spaces and hit two cars on our side of the parking lot, she said. They found the owner of one of the struck cars. The other car, well, "it could be tan, it could be silver," she said. Tan or silver? With eagle eyes like that, how could she tell there had even been an accident? But my car being silver, or maybe tan, got me curious enough to look.

Sure enough, someone had parted the front of my Nissan down the middle. I keep my digital camera in my car just for such an occasion with the idea, of course, that there would never be such an occasion.

Emergency workers tended to the driver in the lobby of a doctor's office a couple of doors down from the hair salon. She was fine. "Don't ask me what happened," she told me. "I don't know." She thought maybe her foot had slipped off the brake onto the accelerator. Then when she jammed on what she thought was the brake, the car just shot forward again, she said. "I'm sorry."

My car starts but the fan is damaged. I don't know if it drives. I do know that now that I've opened the hood to look inside, it won't close again. The repair cost will be higher than the car's value. All three of us involved have Allstate insurance. Now we find out how good the hands we're in. I have already called to file a claim. An adjuster is supposed to call me back.

I'd rather be spending money on a new camera rather than a new Camry.


A Girl From Texas said...

I love my infiniti I-35. I bought it pre-owned. It looks fantastic and I'll easily get 200k miles out of it. It's a 2002 model with about 55k now.

Gwen said...

That is very unfortunate. How did you get home? Or back to work again?

John said...

The car still drives. Sort of. I take it into the shop tomorrow and get a rental.

A Girl From Texas said...

How do you put the audio/video on your blog?

John said...

is the site where I learned how to put video on my site.

Audio is similar but a little easer. E-mail me at and I'll send you the HTML code I use to embed the audio files.

jodypwrites said...

I think you should get that Toyota FJ Cruiser thing. Or a Prius. Or ride a bike. Or bounce around on a pogo stick.

Still. So sorry about that. I found the pix of when my car got totaled. Not so much fun. Wouldn't recommend it. And it didn't really help my life so much.

So I'm thinking you should get a car that helps your life. If that's possible. That's it! A taxi. You could pick up people on the way to work. Make money, help the environment and have lots to write about...

Or not.

John said...

Helping the environment would be great! Do chicks did taxi drivers?

A woman told me the rental VW Jetta I'm driving is a babe magnet. The only thing is, the car's bucket seats are as hard to climb out of as actual buckets.

I just don't see anything suave coming out of that.

A Girl From Texas said...

Thanks John. I'll check it out and get in touch with you. I'm helping a friend post his radio programs on his blog/website. He's so totally technologically challenged, and unfortunately when it comes to audio so am I.