Friday, January 19, 2007


Since someone asked, my likely cell phone plan will be Cingular (soon to be AT&T again). Only because there's a discounted plan available through my job. But I'm going to hold off. I don't talk that much on the phone. Virgin Mobile is phasing out its per-minute plan, which tells me that it's more customer friendly than the company likes. And there are benefits. I don't have to pay all those taxes and fees every month.

Besides, I'll be spending enough money for a car soon.

Allstate called me yesterday and asked me to go get the license plate off my car. They're going to inspect it themselves before they declare it a total loss. I took what may be my last look at it this morning. Other than the front-end damage most of the car is in very good shape. The engine was noisier than it used to be but it was still getting between 35-40 mpg. One of the struts was leaking fluid but that had no effect on the car's functionality. The exterior had a few minor scratches but no rust. Inside, the gear shift knob and the steering wheel had some wear. That's it. What a shame.

I test drove a Mazda Miata and a Scion tC last night. The Miata was cool but loud. The engine growls and you need that Bose sound system to counteract the sound of the air beating against the convertible top. I drove a leftover 2006 Grand Touring model with leather interior priced at $23,500. The sales guy just called as I was typing this. I wish I had refused to give a phone number but at least I thought to give him my work line.

I was smarter at the Toyota dealer. The sales woman can't call me. Not that it would do her that much good. She had imigrated from the Philippines and still speaks with an accent so thick she was hard to understand. I liked the Scion a lot. The car I drove didn't have a window sticker but prices start at around $17K. It had surprising pep and a sunroof is standard. It also has more storage space than the Miata. Come to think of it, a motorcycle has more storage space than the Miata. Actually, the Miata does have a trunk. And it would comfortably fit a pair of Shaquille O'Neal's shoes.

But, man, does it look cool.

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