Thursday, January 29, 2009

Holy Crap, I'm Old

The inevitable march of time has now stepped past 43 of my birthdays. Or, as I tell people, I have turned 34 -- and become conveniently dyslexic. Celebrating the anniversary of my entrance into the world is a challenge. As you know, I'm a partying dude and not many people can keep up.

So my parents came down and took me to Olive Garden, where the butter-slathered bread sticks and the five-cheese ravioli bathed in butter cream sauce undid much of the good my daily workouts had done. There was no birthday cake. This is still "No Junk Food January," which along with the working out every day of the month constitute my New Year's resolutions.

My sweet tooth has abated as I've aged but after meals I still often get such a sugar craving that I'll feel nauseated if I don't eat something sweet. Nutrition bars make the month a lot easier to survive. Even Snickers makes one but it tastes more like something that might be good for you than a real Snickers bar.

I did have a dream Saturday in which I had forgotten my vow and ate a cupcake. When I first tried going a month without junk food in 1994, by mid-month, ice cream, cakes and cookies routinely taunted me in my dreams.

As if you didn't think I was weird enough already.

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SkitzoLeezra said...

Just wait, you'll find that cupcakes can magically grow feet and CHASE you!
You have been warned.