Sunday, January 18, 2009


Although past performance is no guarantee of future results, if recent trends from my Statcounter are correct, you probably got here from a Google search for Russell Rhodes' mug shot.

The best place to find it is the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office web site.

Seventy-eight people visited The Queue yesterday, a one-day record. My Statcounter shows me how people found my blog. Among the numerous searches for a TV anchor's mug shot was a Yahoo! search for Methacton class of 1984, of which I am a member. Methacton, FYI, is a high school in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

It's fun sometimes to follow the original search link to see what else the search brings back (and, truth told, to see how high my blog ranks in the search results).

OK, so I'm recreationally impaired. Yeah, yeah.

One of the things Yahoo! turned up for this search was the bio page for a Virginia Tech softball player from 2004. Jackie Fernandez, like me, graduated from Methacton High School. Unlike me, she did not graduate in 1984. She was born that year.

Jackie lettered only once in high school and the bio describes her as a "bullpen catcher," which means that she wasn't going to play in a varsity game unless the bus carrying the starting players rolled off I-64 and tumbled down the Blue Ridge Mountains.

In the "get to know" section, which lists answers to a series of questions, the last one reads, "When my softball days are over: I plan on getting double knee replacement with my best friend."

Yikes! Miss Fernandez is either looking far into the future, has a twisted sense of humor or softball is a far more grueling sport than I had ever guessed.

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