Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Project Cure

As promised, here is the most recent edition of WEDU's monthly magazine A Gulf Coast Journal.

The story I produced is the one about the retired husband and wife neurosurgeon and nurse who volunteer for an organization called Project Cure. It comes about 14:50 into the show. (The first story in the show runs more than 12-and-a-half minutes.) To skip forward to there, press the play button. The running time will display. Then you can move the slider up to any spot in the show and play it from that point.

Yes, I realize that the opening montage of shots of African hospital patients set to music that dissolve with no explanation to the person at the storage space may not make sense. The opening narration was one of the parts that did not survive the story's editing.

I had written: "A child lying sick in an African Hospital does not have access to the wonders of modern medicine that we do. But in some poor countries that is changing. And the road to better health care in places like this begins very close to home."

Then we were supposed to go to the shot of the story's subject, Judy Kraut, at the storage space in Sarasota County, the "very close to home" where the road to better health care in developing countries begins. I might have opted to shorten some of the soundbites later in the story to preserve the voice-over introduction but those decisions aren't mine. It's their playground and I'm grateful they include me in the games.

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