Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The April Fool

Just for April Fool's Day, Annie vomited on the dining room carpet. Actually, the cat doesn't need a special occasion to puke, sneeze or scratch on some part of my house. Goodness, does she require a lot of work for a low-maintenance animal.

Annie went through a phase recently during which she refused to eat unless I held the food in the palm of my hand. When I related this to my brother Jim he told me that I was going way too far to accommodate my whiny, unsociable and sickly little cat and suggested that I was stuck with a defective pet. OK, he didn't suggest it; he came right out and said, "you have a bad cat."

Later that night, with Annie sitting on my lap, I shared Jim's comments with her. Her retort, clearly expressed with one glance? "I didn't exactly hit the lottery when I got you."


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