Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Shooting Spot

John McQuiston Photograph
The coming summer rainy season often give us spectacular cloud formations. This isn't one of them. The point of this photograph is to show what may be a good vantage point near my home to shoot sunsets and sky shots.

Tucked at the dead end of Isabel Avenue in Gibsonton, a county-owned conservation area abuts Tampa Bay. A large mound of earth rises as a perch from which you can spy the horizon. The preserve also features a wide variety of trees and other foliage with man-made structures nowhere in sight unless you're standing on the hill.

John McQuiston Photograph
I saw honey bees. Unfortunately, the point-and-shoot camera I had with me couldn't capture them. I'm lucky that it shot anything. Its LCD screen went on the fritz and now I can't control any of the camera's settings and I have just a small viewfinder to frame shots.

But next time I see a promising sky, I know where to take my real camera to try to get shots of it.

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