Monday, April 14, 2008

Sorry Mr. Squirrel

John McQuiston Photograph
I didn't mean to wake you from your nap.

John McQuiston Photograph
I had my camera with me at work one day recently when I planned to shoot the sunset. On a break I walked outside and saw a squirrel camped on a low branch of a tree. I got my camera and approached. He didn't seem to mind. Then just as I focused he jumped up and ran away. I thought it he had fled from me at first but then I saw what really spooked him -- another squirrel.

An hour or so later I went back outside (everyone else in the office had gone on a long lunch break) and found my squirrel again. His branch was higher up but he seemed relaxed enough when I snapped the first shot. Only when I moved to shoot him from a different angle did he perk up with alarm.

That went better than my attempt to shoot the sunset later. "The Kitchen" might be a good venue when there's a dramatic sky. But on a clear night I'm only going to get a glowing fiery ball with what look like water towers along the ground.

John McQuiston Photograph
I didn't color correct the photo; that's how the camera saw it. But you can see there's not enough there to make it worth the bug bites I had to endure to get it. And, yeah, I've heard of bug repellent. It works on mosquitoes but the tiny biters that chewed me up weren't deterred a bit.

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turdpolisher said...

great shots. the sleeping squirrel could be a poster or calendar shot.