Monday, November 07, 2005

A Few Thousand Words Worth

Forget balls or bells! This holiday season, deck out your tree with a delivery truck! This is from Plaquemines Parish southeast of New Orleans.

The next one also comes from Plaquemines Parish. These don't do justice to the extent of the devastation. The place looked like an angry child had smashed his Lincoln Logs. Trucks, boats, homes -- all tossed about like socks in the dryer.

In New Orleans, buildings in large sections of the city have brown stripes on them. They're not decorations. They're the lines marking how high the water rose when the city flooded. I'm going to spare you the shots from inside. Let's just say this: Mold 1, New Orleans 0.

The day was not without beauty. The last shot is of the "skyscape" as we drove out of New Orleans. Let's not tell my insurance company that I took it while driving 60 mph on I-10!

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