Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It's been a while since I produced any new video and I don't have anything on the burner right now. In the interest of filling time until I shoot something new, I'm going to invade the archives to create a video travelogue through my development as a writer, reporter, shooter and editor of video productions.

That would go back almost (gasp!) 20 years to my days at the University of North Carolina. The school had a student run TV station called -- ready for this? -- STV. I started working there my freshman year and never left.

I started as a videographer for STV's news program Campus Profile. By the middle of my sophomore year, I had become the show's producer. That meant that I did whatever needed getting done to finish the show. I shot, wrote, reported and edited.

The memories are little hazy so I don't have exact dates for all of these clips. I think it was in the fall semester of 1986, my junior year, when I reported a story about a student protest against the university's investment in companies that did business in South Africa, which at the time, lived under strict and often oppressive segregation called Aparteid.

Although I had some of that fake "news voice" working, much of the deepness of my voice in narration was because I recorded it after an all-nighter and my voice always sounds deeper right after I wake up for some reason. It's probably phlegm or something equally gross but it gives the voice a wonderful timbre. Or something.


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