Thursday, November 17, 2005

I have produced short documentaries with my own equipment but most of the work I've done on video have been stories for television. Here are a few QuickTime movie files as examples. The station for which I did them is in parentheses.

News Montage (WTTA-TV, Tampa)
Epiphany Day (WTTA-TV, Tampa)
News Montage (WCPO-TV, Cincinnati)
Bee House (WCPO-TV, Cincinnati)
Colleague Tribute (WTVQ-TV, Lexington, KY)
Daytona Week (WFLA-TV, Tampa)
Sports Montage (WFLA-TV, Tampa)
Conway Fire (WBTW-TV, Florence, SC)

Newest clips are at the top. They get older as you go down. "Colleague Tribute" was for a news anchor in Lexington named John Lindgren. He died of cancer in January 2001 and the day of his funeral the station devoted its early evening newscast hour to remembering him.

I'll add more as I go through my old tapes but these clips will give you some idea of what my work on TV looked like.

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