Thursday, November 17, 2005

Work Stuff

I need to keep lists. When you freelance, or try to, for a living, there are little bits of things that collect themselves and it's easy to let some slip through your fingers if you're not keeping closer track of things.

A considerable part of freelancing is networking, calling people, keeping in touch, staying in people's minds so that your name will come up if they hear about something for which you might be a good fit.

I'm also working to market a DVD I produced. "A Reporter's Guide to the Art of Television Storytelling" is now a required course material for a broadcast journalism class at the University of Florida and is also being used in a class at the University of South Florida. Feedback I've gotten tells me that I have a winning product on my hands. Now it's a matter of making contacts at more schools, getting the DVD into their hands and working with them to see how they can integrate it into their teaching material, preferably in a way that compels students to buy it!

Good news, the first paycheck from the work I did in Louisiana came today. I was happily surprised to see it so soon.

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