Friday, November 18, 2005

Southern Comfort

In the more-than-occasional periods when I feel like I don't live enough life, I go blog-hopping hoping to read about people whose lives are more exciting.

The ones where they talk about sex are particularly fun.

This one, despite its title (Get the Milk for Free) doesn't talk dirty, though a boy can still hope. Thirty-something former cheerleader, former TV writer -- perhaps future cheerleader and TV writer too -- in Los Angeles writes about her ups and downs. Lately it's been mostly downs.

Things are looking up, she says, thanks to regular visits to a fortune teller.

She acknowledges that people will think she's crazy. As I commented on her blog, she probably is. So what? The longer I live the more I see why people drink, do drugs, see shrinks, go to church or visit witch doctors -- sometimes in combination. And the more I realize there are very few of us who are not nuts.

For good reason.

It's a painful world out there and getting harsher every day. It's becoming harder and harder for me to blame people for finding comfort wherever they can. She's probably found one of the less destructive places.

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