Thursday, November 17, 2005

Home Stuff

I spent a fun-filled (not!) at a lawyer's office where my parents had their living wills, designation of health care surrogate and durable power of attorney documents drawn up. I had to be there to sign some of them. How lovely to begin the day with the reminder that our lives are going to end.

After that I had the pre-construction meeting with my home builder. "Pre-construction" is not completely accurate since they have put down the two-by-fours into which they will pour the concrete foundation.

The model units' exterior is finished and I went inside the one that is the same size as mine. It's similar to the townhouse apartment I had when I lived in Tampa the first time between 1997 and 1999. It's possible they'll be ready to close as early as January but that's only if there are no delays. Apparently one of the factors in completing a home is the competition for materials. The project manager said they were delayed last year because China was buying up all the available concrete to build a massive dam somewhere in the country.

That could have been baloney but they have an incentive to finish the work because they don't get paid until I can move in.

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