Sunday, August 03, 2008


Punjabitherium is an extinct Indian rhinoceros. I know that because I googled Bitherium, which was necessary because I named a song that and didn't want to publish it here on the blog before checking that it didn't mean something that could embarrass me later. The song itself will do that for me.

Where did I get the name? It's an abbreviated version of the guitar tone that I used with my Guitar Port to play one of the lead guitars on the track -- there are two; I'm getting fancy.

The bass is synthesizer courtesy of my Anvil Studio MIDI program, which I still can't get to work. However I discovered that I can buy a USB MIDI cable that I can plug into the laptop and use my old and beloved MidiSoft Recording Session program. The added benefit is that I can use my digital piano downstairs to record the MIDI files. It plays more smoothly than the synthesizer does.

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