Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meandering Storm

Just when we thought we had dodged Tropical Storm Fay, the forecast track from NOAA offers the possibility that the storm will loop back into the Gulf of Mexico and try again.

At least my professional career is humming along. Oh, wait.

I did get an e-mail from my former boss with a tip about a job opening in Tampa for a web artist. That was kind of him except that I don't think I'm qualified for the job. I know some Photoshop and Flash but I wouldn't call my skills at either professional grade.

And I'm torn. Do I get another job in a cubicle or do I stick it out and try to build a freelance business? It's been slow going so far on that front. The WEDU work has slowed down and the senior producer says she's reluctant to hand out too many assignments until she knows that the show (A Gulf Coast Journal) will be renewed for next year.

I do have one story about novelist Stuart M. Kaminsky upcoming but we don't shoot that until at least late next month and it won't air until December.

I haven't heard anything about the coming season of the high school sports show to which I've contributed in past years. The company that produces it has been difficult to work with and I had filed it into the "life is too short" category. It may behoove me to swallow my pride and weather whatever aggravation comes with the work.

The woman for whom I fill in as WTSP's morning traffic reporter is leaving in October. Her departure was not her idea. She does a good job but had the misfortune of doing it on a morning show that nobody watches. Management must feel pressure to do something so out go the weather and traffic anchors. One of the news anchors was demoted and later left a few months ago.

She's got some time off to burn before then so maybe I'll get some more work there. I am not a candidate to replace her. They're looking for someone younger and blonder rather than older and balder, I'm sure. But maybe the new person will take more vacation time and I'll pick up some more days there.

I still haven't gotten to shoot any more of the personal documentary demo about a friend's parents. I may have to break down and launch the service as it is now, once I add pages to the personal-documentary.com web site detailing some packages with prices that I'll offer.

Many video biography sites that I've researched don't list prices on their sites but I don't want inquiries from people who expect me to produce a professionally polished hour-long documentary for $500. These will cost thousands.

And they will be worth every penny.

Meantime, we're on storm watch here. I've got my water, canned food, and nutrition bars -- as well as some not-so-nutritious ones -- to eat. I have plenty of books and an acoustic guitar to entertain myself.

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