Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WTSP Interim Traffic Reporter

I promise that the bloodshot eyes result from too little sleep rather than too much drinking. Maybe I'll get to sleep before midnight tonight.

Thanks to the lovely Vanessa in the studio crew for taking my pictures. If I'm going to be there a while, I'm going to have to learn the other crew members' names.*

I did meet the station's GM today. As I walked the hall to the make-up room (they have such a thing) to wash the TV mask off my face, a man walking toward me from the other direction said, "Traffic was terrible today." For some reason, I didn't immediately presume he was assessing my performance but was talking about actual conditions on the road.

As we got closer, he thanked me for filling in on short notice and complimented the job I was doing. I expressed my appreciation and mumbled something about being a little out of practice. I still didn't know to whom I was talking.

"Tell me your name," I said.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I should have introduced myself," he said. "Sam Rosenwasser."

I should probably make a note of his name too.

*That's not quite right. I know some of the others -- John, Scott and Marie -- and I'm now listening closely to anyone addressing anyone else by name so I can add to the list of people at the station whose face I can match with a name.

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