Saturday, August 16, 2008

Contact Me

I got my second e-mail from the contact page of recently. It was a woman in Los Angeles looking for a voice coach. I some talent coaching but if you're looking for someone to show you how to breath or to correct a speech impediment, that's not my area. I e-mailed the writer a note to that effect, adding that if she's in L.A., you probably can't sneeze without hitting a voice or acting coach.

The first person to contact me through my web site was a woman who googled me after seeing me on WTSP, Tampa Bay's CBS affiliate. I did my first fill-in work for the station's traffic anchor in almost a year a couple of weeks ago. The woman's maiden name was McCuistion and she wondered if we might be related. I replied that it was entirely possible that both of us had descended from Clan Uisdean. "Mac," as I understand it, is the Scottish term for clan or family and if you say "Mac Uisdean" fast for 500 years you get McQuiston or McCuistion or one of its other offshoots.

You also wind up with a spillover of McQuistons into Ireland. That's where the boat that brought my great-grandfather to Philadelphia in 1904 originated. Apparently a Protestant of Scottish ancestry was not the thing to be in Ireland at the time and my great-grandfather decided to try his luck in the New World.

Now you're stuck with this McQuiston.

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