Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Florida's Number One!

Turns out that screwing up elections is not the only thing in which Florida ranks first.

The Sunshine State is home to the nation's top party school, the University of Florida. The Gators have won recent national chammpionships in football and basketball but now the school really has something to brag about.

Maybe the news is good for recruiting some kids. It didn't work on me back when I was searching for colleges way back when. UF offered me a partial academic scholarship and I loved the idea of living in warm weather. I considered the school seriously enough that my dad and I drove to Gainesville to look over the university in person.

I remember meeting with an admissions officer in a hopelessly cluttered office. Not an attraction. But my lasting impression came later as we drove around campus.

Going past a fraternity house, I remember seeing a shirtless fat guy on the roof of one of them. With him was a bottle of Jack Daniels so big I could read the label from the street. I didn't have a lot of ideas about my future but I knew that I didn't want to look that in four years.

I ended up doing my post-high school beer drinking education at the University of North Carolina.

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