Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hello to You Too

Got an e-mail from a girl I used to date the other day. We didn't date the other day. I got the e-mail the other day.

Our breakup wasn't acrimonious. I still e-mail her birthday greetings but otherwise we have no contact. She doesn't usually even acknowledge the birthday e-mails. That might rightly make you wonder why I bother sending them and I'd be happy to tell you except that I don't know.

Anyway, this woman is a TV newscast producer who lives in another city and out of the blue she writes, actually from the contact page on my web site. (, if you don't know)
Hey man, I need you to email me ASAP! Going to be teaching a college course this January, and want to get some of your best feature stories on DVD to use as examples!

I am, of course, flattered. And also a little miffed. Nice of her to wait until she wants something to muster the effort to write.

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