Sunday, October 26, 2008

Take My Job -- Again!

OK, it's still not my job. I'm still just the placeholder until WTSP finds the morning traffic reporter it really wants.

Apparently getting no viable candidates from its earlier craigslist ad, the station has posted a job notice on its own web site.

Does this description fit you?
Are you bored to tears when you see a traffic reporter in front of a map telling you there's nothing going on? We sure are and that's why 10 Connects at WTSP in St. Petersburg, Florida is looking for a dynamic and energetic multi-media traffic reporter for our newscasts. We need someone who can connect with our viewers on levels beyond just traffic. At 10 Connects, our reporters are team players who make contacts and become a part of the community. Everyone on our team produces material for all our platforms - on air, online and mobile, including multi-media extras such as blogs, extra online interviews, exclusive online streaming, databases, etc. Qualified candidates will prepare traffic reports, assist with traffic information gathering, develop and understanding of local highways and traffic patterns. If you're interested, rush your DVD or VHS tape and resume to On-Air Talent 851 Duportail Road Suite 220 Wayne, PA 19087
WTSP has re-branded itself as "10 Connects." Demo tapes and DVDs go to the address in Pennsylvania because its traffic reporter is technically in the employ of, subject to the approval of WTSP.

I'm sure the ad writer (probably the station's news director) isn't intentionally insulting the person currently doing the job (definitely me) when he writes that he is bored to tears watching a traffic reporter in front of a map telling you there's nothing going on.

That means that if you get the job that for most of the station's morning news from 5-7 a.m. when there is nothing going on, you're going to have to do a witty song-and-dance routine to disguise the fact that you have nothing to say.

Strangely enough, I have been quick to insert whatever wit I can muster at that hour when appropriate, thinking that it might not be appreciated. Apparently I should be doing more of it.

At least until the next lucky contestant comes along to claim the job.

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