Saturday, October 04, 2008

Watch That Traffic

Here are some clips of the traffic reporting I have done for WTSP. I do not claim to own the copyright on this video. It is posted here only for the purpose of critique and commentary, much of which I suspect will be devoted to making fun of my performance.

The reference to Boston in the first clip came after the news and weather anchors had been talking about the Tampa Bay Rays beating the Boston Red Sox for the second time in three games. It was the second time in two weeks The Rays had taken two out of three games from the Red Sox and it basically squashed the Red Sox' chances to overtake the Rays in the American League East.

For most of the morning show from 5-7 a.m., traffic is pretty light so there's time to make light-hearted comments. I started slipping in one-line observations when they came to me even before my supervisor at told me that the station is looking for more humor in its morning show.

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