Monday, October 27, 2008

Home of 100 Cats

My second story for ZooToo TV is up on Click here to see it on the site with its expanded text version and to read people's comments. The video is embedded below. I'm not sure this one turned out as well as my first effort. I just watched it again and it seemed to drag. That could be because I'm dragging more than a little myself this Monday.

After doing the traffic this morning, which included attributing an I-275 slowdown in St. Petersburg to the Tampa Bay Rays bandwagon slowing down to let people jump off, I drove to the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo to take some pictures.

None were award-winners. The clear sky and crisp air made for a harsh mid-morning sun. That's my excuse anyway and I'm going to stay with it. If you don't like the pictures I'll refund whatever you paid to see them.

I finished in less than an hour and went next door to the Pinellas County animal shelter to visit the cats. The cat room is not large -- it has only 12 cages plus the kitten room where there were 6-8 more. All the cats were two years old and younger. Older ones must get euthanized.

The kittens didn't seem to like people, except one sickly little boy with rheumy eyes who was wheezing and coughing and who knows what else. He made Annie and her snot rockets look like the paragon of feline health. He also thought he spotted a sucker when I walked in and I had to take care not to step on him.

The older cats all craved attention. They knew that people were the keys to escaping their cages. For $20 I could have given Annie a roommate she would have hated. We're staying a one-cat home for now.

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