Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Best So Far

Right before our last local cut-in to the CBS Early Show, the news anchor and one of the studio crew members commented that I appeared to be getting more comfortable each day.

"You mean I don't stink as much?" I said.

It was my best day overall, so far. I might never be brilliant but I'm improving at not rushing myself and generally feel more in command of what I'm doing.

I need to make sure I don't get too clever for my own good. Before the 8 a.m. cut-in when there were numerous wrecks on major roads, I began by saying, "It looks like that over the holiday weekend people forgot how to drive."

In our final cut-in of the morning things had calmed down and when the weather anchor tossed to me after updating the various cyclones swirling about, I said, "To use weather parlance, we've been downgraded to a 'traffical depression' on the roads."

Nothing too edgy but danger lurks if I get it into my head that I'm some kind of comedian. I'm just the substitute until the permanent person gets hired.

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