Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mock Me

i'm watching you on tv right now!!! you're famous!!!

So read the mocking text message from a friend of mine. She was one of the few watching. One of the others happened to be the station's general manager because the morning show's new weather guy made his debut.

Here's what's funny: The anchor was a fill-in whom I had never seen. I went to the station's web site to see who she was. She normally works nights. That means that I might have been the most familiar face to viewers of WTSP's morning show.

Yes, I worked Labor Day. Just another part of the glamor of television. There were as few morning commuters as we probably had viewers. Good thing because I-4 going east-bound was shut down at I-75 after a crash involving a motorcycle. That would have been a big mess had it happened on a normal weekday morning.

As it was, only the motorcycle rider suffered any major inconvenience.

I read later in the St. Pete Times that the motorcyle had smashed into the back of the back of a tractor-trailer. That may not have killed its rider. But the two cars that ran over him as he lay in the road would have finished the job.

The cars kept going. Police said that the drivers of the cars might not have realized that they had run over a person.

That's one way doing the traffic reports for WTSP is similar to news reporting. In both realms I rely on people's misfortune or stupidity to provide material.

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