Thursday, September 04, 2008

Good Intentions Gone...

I slept through the speech. I had never heard of Sarah Palin a week ago so I wanted the chance to hear from her. But not as much as I wanted to sleep. So when I felt almost tired, I got in bed, read a few pages of a Randy Wayne White "Doc Ford" novel then turned off the light.

Amazingly, I feel asleep right around 10 o'clock. Five hours of sleep would have set a personal best since I started my temporary shift on WTSP's morning show. But at 2 a.m. the cat decided -- for the first time in a month -- that she wanted to join me in bed.

How could I refuse? The little pretty kitty hasn't felt well lately, sneezing and wheezing and not eating much. So for most of the last hour before my 3 a.m. alarm I listened to the cat purr herself to sleep while I lay awake. Her breathing sounded good and she seemed happy.

Speaking of WTSP, someone found this blog by Google searching "glad Meredyth Censullo is out of wtsp." Meredyth is the woman I have replaced on an interim basis until the station finds a permanent morning traffic reporter.

Anyone bitter much? The same person also searched within my blog for the name "kimberly bermel." I had to resort to Google myself to learn that she once did traffic for WFLA.

My father told me he had seen me appear in a promo for the morning show. I told him not to get too excited. They need to promote the new weather guy who started this week and maybe to reinforce that the traffic anchor had changed too. "The queen is dead... long live the queen" sort of thing.

I got some good news on the freelance front yesterday. I've been assigned a story by the Dodge Sports Report, the high school sports show that airs state-wide here in Florida on Sun Sports. And a web site all about pets and animals called that also features video news stories, has accepted a pitch for a story about Southeastern Guide Dogs School in Bradenton.

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