Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tired and Wired

I go to bed, lay awake until after 11 p.m. and what seems like 20 minutes later, jazz music from WUSF-FM jars me awake.

I come into the station, do the traffic reports with varying degrees of competency, drive home, fall exhausted into bed, toss and turn for 2-4 hours then wake up in that fog you get when you sleep during the day.

If I have something to do, such as when I drum up other freelance work or if I golf with my father, I skip the daytime nap but it doesn't seem to make me any more ready to sleep.

That may be good tonight because I want to hear Sarah Palin speak at the Republican national convention. I had never heard of her until this week and if there's a chance she's going to be vice president -- especially for a guy who will be 72 on Inauguration Day -- I'd like to know what we're in for.

Of course, if she bombs tonight -- think Dan Quayle in heels -- it won't matter. The contest will be over. But hearing her speak will give me a better sense of whether John McCain's veep pick was a bold vision or desperate grasp.

I also want to see that it's really not Tina Fey.

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Bubba Stokes said...

There are TV entertainment suits kicking themselves for not coming up with this election scenario we have as a sitcom or reality show. Then again, maybe it is. We need to get the National Enquirer on this -they'll find out if the newborn is Sarah's or Bristol's. But anyway, the real issue is: Jumpin' Johnny McCain! Dude, you just had to kiss the social conservatives' righteous buttocks. Big John may believe he'll live another 4-5 years, but there are actuarial tables that really suggest otherwise. The VP slot on his ticket needs to be filled with something other than an empty skirt. So, guess I'll throw in with the Marxist. Fortunately I don't have much money to be redistributed. Besides, if America's to get to the Promised Land, we need to make a left turn ahead.