Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I don't know how many people watch stories on ZooToo.com but its audience is active. In a little more than 12 hours since my first story went up on the site, more than 60 people have left comments.

Another 15 or so have clicked on the "thumbs up" link at the bottom of the text version of the story to give it a positive rating. Not that I'm suggesting that you do the same for my sake. But I will hardly object.

Only one other story I've done has ever drawn anything close to that number of comments. Interestingly enough it was a story about animals -- a crash involving a trailer-load of horses -- that I did for WCPO-TV in Cincinnati.

Obviously many thousands more people saw that story than this one one ZooToo. But the online "channel" reaches people with an interest in the stories it features and the web aspect encourages interactivity. I wondered how a web site could afford to pay for video content but I underestimated its reach -- and its potential value to sponsors.

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Gwen said...

People love stories about animals and humans helping each other. Well done!